“Bulgarian Ethnology” Journal – 1/2017

The issue 1 of “Bulgarian Ethnology” journal for 2017 dedicated to the topic of Road I with Ekaterina Anastasova as an issue editor is already available. Other members of the department also have article there:



Ekaterina Anastasova – From the Editor. About the Road – Ethnology between the State, the Society and the Man.

Rachko Popov – The Road – a Preferable Place for Magical Activities.

Nikolay Sivkov –The Milky Way in the Cosmic and Ritual Space.

Sofiya Zahova – The Road of the Roma Literature in Eastern Europe.

Dimitrinka Demirova – The Hard Way: Roma Organizations in Shumen (1944-1990).

Ekaterina Anastasova – Identity and Migration 1. The Estonian Case.

Mila Maeva – The Road to the North and the Finding of Home.



Evgenia Troeva – Ivaylo Markov. Migrations and Socio-cultural Dynamics. The Albanians from the Republic of Macedonia. Sofia, 2015.

Elya Tsaneva – Ethnographic Problems of Popular Culture. Vol. 11. Sofia, 2016.

Rachko Popov – Magda Lyuncheva-Milcheva. On the Track of the Sun and the Moon. Traditional Calendar Festivals of the Christians and Muslims in the Haskovo Region. Stara Zagora, 2016.

Ján Botík – Bořivoj Kňourek, Lenka J. Budilová. The Voivode House – Historical and Constructional Development, Cultural and Social Parameters. Brno: CDK, 2015.

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